Keep 100% Of Your Donations

The days of processing and platform fees taking money away from your organization are over!

Experience a fundraising platform where your cause comes first, without any hidden fees. 

Your Donations Belong To Your Organization

Why are nonprofits switching?

Because our “Plus Up” tipping model allows groups to keep 100% of all donations. Donors are given the opportunity to cover all of the costs associated with processing and platform management.

Unlike other platforms that charge fees as high as 10% on each online donation, Mission+ lets you retain all your donations.

No more directing donors to provide checks or direct deposit to avoid high fees. Mission+ is giving all nonprofits all of their money.

Our Fundraising Tools

Create Fundraisers

Create Fundraisers

Nonprofits can integrate their credit card processing to accept donations, set recurring donations, and create custom fundraising events where donors can develop their own team pages to generate contributions.

Team Pages

Team Pages

Give donors and sponsors the ability to create personalized team pages to collect and track donations from their friends and co-workers. Team page is customizable with the ability to create custom links and add personalized images, video, and text.

Manage Donations With  Ease

Manage Donations With Ease

Track your donations through your custom analytics portal that gives you all the data your organization needs to manage gifts to help with compliance reporting for both private and governmental grant funding.

Success Story

GI Go Fund

GI Go Fund

GI Go Fund, one of the leading nonprofit organizations for veterans in the New York/New Jersey region, has been utilizing our donation system for years, raising millions online through their various fundraising programs.

With our software, their donors are able to create fundraising team pages and develop local fundraising drives to support the veterans the organization serves. The organization is also able to launch customized new fundraising drives in minutes, with the ability to differentiate between in-person and virtual events, as well as the capacity to track and manage all donations that come in.

Most importantly, the Plus Up donation feature has ensured that the organization keeps 100% of the donations that they receive, resulting in tens of thousands of financial gifts going to where they belong - the organization and the people they serve!